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Special Restoration Project
Completed in the early 70's
by Roland K. Lasher

Diebold safes and vaults were first manufactured in 1859, by Charles Diebold in Canton, Ohio. 

One of Many Special Projects

"God gave me gift of creative vision, and talent to create images in a wide variety of media. This project is an example of the diversity and quality standards delivered to each client."

Roland K. Lasher

In the early 70's  Lasher was contracted by an Attorney to restore the Old Diebold Safe, shown on the left.  The safe was purchased as part of a renovation project for the new law firm.  It was 4 feet high, with one exterior door and two interior doors  and weighed a ton....  it had to be delivered to the new location via a crane.  Roland built a tent around the safe and sand blasted the exterior onsite down to the bare metal.  He carefully applied five coats of black automotive lacquer.  All of the hardware, handles, hinges, combination dial were sent out to be Nickel Plated and restored to new condition...  Roland researched the landscape picture on the front of the safe and carefully restored to match image with airbrush and color glazes.  He hand lettered the Diebold Special Canton, exactly.  The final touch... he completely restored the decor and pin striping in Gold Leaf. The restoration project took 3-4 months. With the restoration complete, the Law Library was built around the safe where it stands today, as regal as ever in perfect condition.


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